First blog post

Well hi! This is Renee and welcome to Paint me pretty. So I guess there are a few things you should know about me.

  1. I am a huge K-pop fan, with BTS being my bias group. (I also am in love with BLACKPINK)

2. I am also a writer, and I may or may not write a little too many Taekook drabbles and stories. (because gay K-pop ships are my life)

3. I adore art, and my aesthetic is pastel colors.

4. I am a huge supporter of the LGBT committing.

5. And I really, really want everyone to love themselves and be happy and healthy, okay? I want everyone to know they are worth it, amazing, and loved. I may be a little too sweet at times and tend to over compliment people. (*shy giggles*)

I hope you enjoy your look around my personal corner of the internet!

Lots of love,



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